Mobile Car Key Replacement- What Kind Of Car Keys Are There?

  • Mechanical key

This is the traditional metal key that has been most common with old cars. It is used to unlock your vehicle and start your ignition manually.

  • Coded electronic chip key

This type of key provides a triple-layered security function. It includes transponder keys and rolling code keys that only grant access to your car once a specific programmed code is detected by the receiver placed inside the vehicle, enabling you to drive and start the ignition.

  • Remote control key

This type of key fob comes with remote access to unlock the car and trunk; however, it also has a metal key dangling on the side to start the ignition and open the car manually if the battery of the remote runs out.

Why Do You Need AMobile Car Key Replacement?

  • Damaged keys

You will definitely need a mobile car key replacement locksmith to cut your duplicated keys if your existing keys are damaged and not functioning any longer.

Even if your keys have started causing slight troubles, it is recommended to get a mobile car key replacement so that you may avoid any risk of any further problem during times of an emergency.

  • Lost keys

If you have lost your keys, the best option is to call a locksmith and get a mobile replacement car keys immediately. At that moment, you need instant access to your car, which a duplicate key can provide.

After this whole procedure, you can look into getting your locks replaced or rekeyed to avoid any risk of security.

  • Stolen keys

If your keys have been stolen, the only option you may have left is to get a mobile car key replacement. You may need to change your locks, but that can be done later.

When you are stuck somewhere and have no access to your car, only a replicated key can grant you this access so that you may be moving on your way and eventually get a new lock.

Mechanical Vs. Transponder Keys

A mechanical key is a standard key that has manual systems employed in terms of usage. An individual will have to access the door and unlock it manually. On the other hand, a transponder key stands for a key system with a transmitted and a responder. The transmitter sends out signals to the responder that is built inside the car next to the ignition. The responder, once it has recognized the specific signal, grants access to the car then.

How Is A Smart Key System Different?

A smart key system is an automated key system that can unlock your car door and trunk remotely from a distance.

These provide greater security as they come with an added layer of security considering that the receiver only responds to specific key programming and makes it difficult for intruders to break in.

It also comes with a built-in alarm system enabled if someone without direct access tries getting in the car.

Single Key Systems For Car Safety! – Mobile car key replacement

A single key system may be considered much safer. During an emergency, you won’t have to fuss over several keys to find a particular key. Moreover, you can have complete control over who has access to your house since you are the only one with a master key that can unlock your doors.

All locksmiths have a central database with information regarding the design and function of several different types of car keys. Hence, accessing this database can quickly tell them about the requirement for your car.

Moreover, they can also just get an impression of the key you need from the lock itself and then make a duplicate key.

Where Does YS Locksmith Come In All Of This?

Getting stuck in an emergency when you least predict it has started to become a norm nowadays. The most common reason a locksmith is called is when you need a mobile car key replacement service.

YS Locksmith offers these services throughout the day – 24 hours, seven days a week in Florida. Our experts are fully aware of the urgency of having you back on schedule and using their top-of-the-line equipment. They can sort you out and move back on track in under no time at all.

So give us a call whenever you need an emergency mobile car key replacement and get the best services in Florida.  Our customer service is always available for you to use. Don’t be shy- we’re here to serve you!

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